Monday, June 29, 2009

NYC Prep = Bad Parenting

I am a reality TV junkie. Project Runway, Real Housewives, The Hills, Top Chef, Biggest Loser, you name it, I've watched an episode or two, or more.

Bravo seems to have the juiciest reality shows with the wildest characters. Take Theresa from The Real Housewives of New Jersey for example, who flips a table over only after calling her friend a "prostitution whore!" Ahh you gotta love that Theresa. Being that I love Bravo reality series, I was excited to learn about a new show called NYC Prep. How can you go wrong with rich kids in high school living on the Upper East Side? It's like real life Gossip Girl!

Mike gives me a lot of slack for watching reality TV. He thinks all the shows are fake and most of all he thinks all of the people are shallow and stupid. Most of the time I am in complete disagreement and love being able to watch a gourmet meal being prepared, or a person turning their life around by losing 130 lbs, or better yet Heidi and Spencer proclaming their love at the altar for all the world to see. It's a guilty pleasure that I usually feel no guilt about. That was until now.

I got through about half of the first episode of NYC Prep and couldn't stomach anymore. These children, and they really are children at 16 and 17 years old, are so spoiled, so entitled, and so utterly clueless that it made me ill. What happened to the high school experiences that I remember? Cutting class to hang out at the park, drinking beer with friends, having house parties...

These teens are dining out at four star restuarants with friends, being served alcohol, and talking about having sex with multiple partners. Am I the only one who finds this appalling? There is this one kid named Sebastian, who you can meet here:, who is very "Cruel Intentions" who talks about girls like they are pieces of meat. He's 16! I'm sorry, but what the hell do you know about relationships, or women, or anything really? And how bad is your hair?!

I blame the parents. These parents are obviously too busy in their careers, or too pre-occupied with their fabulous lives that they forgot to to be parents. They failed to instill any manners, or ethics into their children. They have failed these kids. It's quite sad really. I feel bad for these children who have lost their innocence. I feel bad because they have been forced to grow up too quickly. I feel bad because they will most likely have children who they will ignore and the cycle will continue. I guess money doesn't always equal happiness.

So I won't be watching NYC Prep afterall. I'll just have to make do with Lauren firing Stephanie Pratt from People's Revolution, which was great btw, or good ole Theresa flipping a table, and I'm okay with that.


  1. I don't know about you but I'm excited for Monique's new talk show. Charm School isn't the same without her...

  2. O M G...I watched this for the first time last night...and afterward didn't quite know how to feel.

    1 - Their lives seem vapid and based around material things

    2 - True wealthy people don't talk about their money all the time. I bet these kids are just "rich" and their families are new money

    3 - They try to talk like they know something about real life and look even dumber and more immature

    4 - What was up with the ugly kid with the ridic hair and his comment about "I hook up with 2 - 16 girls a month"? And his whole hair-flipping thing was duuumb

    5 - I will stop right now because there is sooo much to say. Terrible!

  3. These kids all look like they're the product of generations of WASP inbreeding!!! FUG!

    So bad and yet SOOO good!