Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Succumb!

Ok, so I know that I said that I would be dieting between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but who was I kidding?!  The truth is, I've actually been doing the exact opposite of dieting -- I've been eating everything in sight!

And who can blame me?  Everywhere I turn there are cookies, chocolates, moose munch, cupcakes, popcorn, the list goes on and on.  It's disgusting and it's awesome.

Oh well, I give up!  I succumb to the peppermint bark, and I succumb to the caramel corn.  I will eat like there's no tomorrow and enjoy every minute of it!

I guess my diet starts next's to a fun filled, food filled Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

I've always loved the holidays. Singing Christmas music, decorating the tree, eating tons of yummy treats, giving presents, getting presents.  It's all so much fun!

I've also always loved the gifts left to me by Santa in my stockings.  Even though they were little, they were always the best.  I remember one year I got a necklace, a gift card to my favorite store, a New Kids on the Block tape (don't judge me) and make-up!  It was awesome.  Think about it.  Good things do come in small packages!

It comes as no surprise then, that this year, I am most looking forward to opening the gifts in my stocking left by Santa (aka my husband).  I get excited just imagining all the wonderful possibilities.

Might there be earrings, a necklace?  Gift cards galore?  Lip gloss, and polish?  Or maybe much more?  Who knows what will come from my stocking this year, but whatever it is, comes with love and good cheer!

Wow, I'm corny!  Oh well, tis the season...Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Friday, December 17, 2010

How Annoying Are: Morning People

I don't know about you, but when I get to work in the morning, all I want to do is sip my cup of coffee, log into my email, and settle in for the day ahead.  Why is it then, that some people want to instantly accost me as I am walking through the door to my office?

Hi Christina! How are you? What did you do last night?  Is Mike away this week? Did you get the email I sent you about blah, blah, blah? 

WTF people?!  I just got here.  Leave me alone for 5 minutes and then I'll answer all the questions you want.

Seriously though.  People need time to get into the groove, to mentally and physically prepare themselves for the work that lies before them.  I happen to be one of those people. 

So here's my Christmas wish: to all you morning people chatter bugs out there, please heed my cry, and give me my 10 minutes in the morning.  It will make all the difference. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mixed Feelings

I’m on the road again. As is common during my many business trips, I spent this evening reading articles on the New York Times and Washington Post. Tonight, mostly about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. I take particular interest in the Executive response. Mostly because I am an Executive employee. Through a long line of bureaucracy, President Obama is my boss. My boss says I can’t view the leaked cables. I read tonight that certain Executive departments have blocked employees from viewing media accounts of the leaks. As my title implies, I have mixed feelings.

As a general matter, I am disgusted with Bradley Manning. He had no right to leak sensitive documents, and in so doing, he broke the law. He put civil servants in harm’s way, and put America in danger. Period. Like many of my fellow citizens, 0ften I may not agree with my government. But I earn a living enforcing laws, and thus, I demand that my fellow citizens follow the laws of this country, whether or not they or I believe in them as a matter of principle.

Still, the way this has unfolded causes me trouble. Once these classified documents were released to the media, what response was appropriate from our government who must then answer for their actions? Clearly the president has the right to demand that his employees refrain from reading the classified materials. For it is not the general public for whom the disclosure laws are drafted and passed, but the Executive employees who are responsible for safeguarding the sensitive information. I cannot disclose – even to my wife – certain information that I learn professionally. But once that information is disseminated publicly, what is the government’s proper response? Is it right to tell Executive employees (who moonlight as ordinary Americans) that they are prohibited from viewing sensitive material? Surely there is little reason to believe that federal employees can be shielded from the remaining 199 million Americans who can’t be told to avert their eyes. What is President Obama really hoping to accomplish by managing his employees’ behavior in this way? Surely he cannot expect that preventing such a small portion of Americans from learning this information will have any effect at all. Except, of course, for the clear message that it sends to his employees.

Personally, I don’t care much to read the leaked cables. But I do care to read the New York Times’ articles about them. And I do care to discuss the topic with my friends and family. It’s a slippery slope when anyone’s employer (or government) tells them what they can or cannot read in the media. Access to media is a fundamental American right.

I am incredibly thankful for the work of the members of our armed services. I support my government. I follow directions from my boss. In many ways, I feel they all failed me on this one.

Oh, I almost forgot, Julian Assange is a 100% total mega-douche.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Perfect Camisole

In French the word for camisole is caraco, which literally means, bustier or blouse.  French women always have the most beautiful caracos peeking out from underneath their tops, making me jealous.

I, on the other hand have been on the search for the perfect camisole forever!  I know that the awesome French boutique Zadig and Voltaire carry lovely camisoles and that many Parisian women flock there to purchase them, but alas, I am here in the States, and in DC nonetheless where there is no Zadig and Voltaire..I know, boo hoo me.

So, I'm asking all ladies out there, where do you find the perfect little cami?  I'm picturing silk with some lace on the top, that comes in black and nude.

Lingerie stores? Department stores? Help!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dreaming of Vuitton

Her name: Artsy

Her maker: Louis Vuitton

Colors: Grey, Black, Red, and Blue

Her future owner: Me...maybe...someday...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Bella Boo Christmas!

Bella's Christmas Wish List

A lifetime supply of chicken treats
To sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed EVERY night
A new purple sweater
A new dog tag in the shape of a bone!
To lick Daddy's dinner plate clean!

Thanks Santa!

I'll be sure to leave you some biscuits, I mean, cookies on Christmas Eve...


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yay Scarves!

Today I am wearing a thin chiffon scarf as an accessory to my outfit and I've received many compliments on it.  In recent years the scarf has taken on a whole new meaning.  It is not just something that keeps our necks warm anymore, no no!  It is a highly sought after accessory that can take a just okay looking outfit to a new level of awesomeness.

Take the Alexander McQueen skull scarf for example.  LOVE! I tried on a purple one a few weeks ago and poof!  Instantly better.  The deep purple color was outstanding, the skulls are bad-ass, and you can wear it a million different ways and always look good.

See for yourself:
Amazing color, light as a feather, and so pretty!

I have to admit though, that some people take scarf wearing a little too seriously.  Also, you should always be able to tell the difference between a scarf and a blanket...see what I mean?
This just looks ridiculous.

Those are just a little too much for me.  What kind of scarves are you wearing this winter season?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Velvet, Yuck!

A very popular trend right now is velvet and I hate it.  When I think of velvet I think of bad beauty pageants, renaissance fairs, and regal clothing worn in Elizabethan times.  Not necessarily modern or fashion forward.

I know that designers are bringing velvet to a whole new level, or so they say, but I just can't get into it!

What do you think?  Good, or terribly bad?

I think these are all hideous. Too costumey!

I like the flowered skirt and the blazer and bolero

From the Carolina Herrera 2010 Winter Collection

Renaissance! Eww...

Not okay by any means...