Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Velvet, Yuck!

A very popular trend right now is velvet and I hate it.  When I think of velvet I think of bad beauty pageants, renaissance fairs, and regal clothing worn in Elizabethan times.  Not necessarily modern or fashion forward.

I know that designers are bringing velvet to a whole new level, or so they say, but I just can't get into it!

What do you think?  Good, or terribly bad?

I think these are all hideous. Too costumey!

I like the flowered skirt and the blazer and bolero

From the Carolina Herrera 2010 Winter Collection

Renaissance! Eww...

Not okay by any means...


  1. Hmmm, I do like a structured velvet blazer, but otherwise I think the whole trend is dated. There's just something so 90's about it, like in a Blossom kind of way.

  2. Totally Blossom! I'm with you Rana.

  3. Mostly no to velvet! A little every now and then maybe....

  4. velvet blazers are super nice i think!

    rana said it nicely hahaha i almost forgot about that series.

  5. I've had my eye on a new velvet motorcycle jacket.

  6. I agree. Aside from my undergarments, I refuse to wear the stuff.