Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

I've always loved the holidays. Singing Christmas music, decorating the tree, eating tons of yummy treats, giving presents, getting presents.  It's all so much fun!

I've also always loved the gifts left to me by Santa in my stockings.  Even though they were little, they were always the best.  I remember one year I got a necklace, a gift card to my favorite store, a New Kids on the Block tape (don't judge me) and make-up!  It was awesome.  Think about it.  Good things do come in small packages!

It comes as no surprise then, that this year, I am most looking forward to opening the gifts in my stocking left by Santa (aka my husband).  I get excited just imagining all the wonderful possibilities.

Might there be earrings, a necklace?  Gift cards galore?  Lip gloss, and polish?  Or maybe much more?  Who knows what will come from my stocking this year, but whatever it is, comes with love and good cheer!

Wow, I'm corny!  Oh well, tis the season...Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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