Thursday, August 27, 2009

10 Things that Freak me Out

1. Smart Cars - they are just too small and people who drive them are FREAKS

2. People who wear wool in 90 degree weather

3. Women who wear scarves in 90 degree weather (noticing a trend?)

4. People who don't wipe the gym equipment/machines down after sweating all over them

5. Thinking I forgot to do something important at work

6. Thinking that someone is going to hear me talking shit about them (oops!)

7. Muscle magazines (who looks like that?!)

8. People who don't wipe the lenses of their glasses and I can see fingerprints, eyelashes, and grime built up - GROSS!

9. Dirt under fingernails

10. The Ped-Egg (just watch the'll see)

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Real Woman

This morning as I got ready for work, I listened to Ann Curry of the "Today" show talking about the uproar around this "plus sized" model being featured in September's issue of Glamour magazine. I was immediately intrigued, so I ran out of the bathroom to see what the hype was all about.

The picture is lovely. She is lovely. As I stared at this photo I realized that she's not really "plus sized." She's actually normal sized, or what is often referred to as "average" sized. We have to be realistic when thinking about these things. Most of the women I know and see walking around are not sitck figures. They have hips, and curves, and asses that shake when they walk, and that's okay.
What the hell is wrong with us these days? Why aren't there more pictures of real women wearing real sized clothing and not just emaciated women who wear a size 0 or 2. That's not reality! Reality is that most women fall between a size 8-12.

I mean, I get it, as a woman there is this ideal. We all want to be thin and to look like Jennifer Aniston at the age of 40, or hell at the age of 25, but really, looking like this woman aint so bad. She's beautiful, and in my eyes, perfect. Good for her!

Bravo Glamour.

This Guy is Awesome

Big shocker - I'm posting about my husband's impeccable fashion sense again....whatever. This post is a little bit different though, because last night as Mike surfed his sartorial haven, "The Style Forum," he showed me that one of the regulars on the site is a finalist in Esquire Magazine's 2009 Best Dressed Real Man Contest.
And I thought that Mike was well dressed! This guy is amazing. When you first see him, he's a little funny looking because he's so serious in every picture, but then you take a look at his suits and how well they fit, and the patterns and the little things that SO MANY MEN just don't give a shit about, and that's why they look like shlubs everyday, and he looks amazing.

Another reason I love this guy is because he's Asian, short, and he reminds me of my dad about 40 years ago, except better dressed. Sorry dad.

Check him out yo! Click here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boys And Their Toys

I am in Seattle right now, visiting the folks and celebrating my father's 6oth B-day. Congrats Dad!

I returned from a run today to find Dad in the driveway getting ready for a Sunday ride. Those of you who know my family know that both my father and sister (and brother-in-law) have Harleys. And while I can't say I fully understand the Harley sub-culture, I admit that among grown men things that are loud, shiny and expensive are generally to be admired.

Check her out . . . .

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I an Alien?

Okay, so we all know that DC is a misery in August. It's hot, and humid, and it rains on and off all day long. Basically shitty weather, period.

So this is what I don't get. Why is it that when I'm walking my 25-30 minute walk to work, do I see women in jeans and cardigans and scarves around their necks? And men in wool suits wearing their jackets? What the hell is wrong with these people?

Is it that I just sweat more profusely than others? Do they know some trick to keeping cool that I don't know? This rant may sound stupid to some, but I had to get it off my chest, because it really annoys me. Let me say that again. It really annoys me.

I don't know if you can fully understand how much it annoys me. I hate that I'm all sweaty and they're perfectly fine wearing their scarves and tight jeans that don't breathe, while I'm suffering in my short khaki skirt and super thin tee...

It's not FAIR. Maybe they're the aliens. Okay, I feel better now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Engagement Party

Mike and I went home to NYC this weekend to celebrate our friends Jackie and James' engagement. It was a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfect, we got to hang out with my parents, do a little shopping, eat great Italian food at Rocco's on Thompson Street downtown, and just enjoyed being home.

Jackie and James' party was a fantastic gathering of family and friends. Her parents have a lovely home in Jericho, Long Island and they had a guitarist who was amazing, food that was yummy, and tons of love and happiness filling the air. We had a great time.

As usual, I didn't want to come back to DC, yet here I am. Here are some pictures from the party. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Endorse: Hunan Lion

Last night Mike and I ate at Hunan Lion, our favorite Chinese restuarant in the DC area. I say area because there are NO good Chinese restuarants that are actually located within the District. They all exist in Northern Virginia where most of the Chinese and Southeast Asian people have moved.

Chinatown here in DC is a joke. The restuarants, those that are left, all suck bigtime. They serve "Americanized" Chinese food like chicken and broccoli and bad doughy, dry, dumplings that are a disgrace. Luckily we were introduced to Hunan Lion, which is on Chain Bridge Road near Tyson's Corner, VA, and voila! Good authentic Chinese food.

Last night we ordered sweet and spicy cabbage, and cold beef as an appetizer. The maitre'd recommended we also try the salty pork with fresh ginger served with Chinese vinegar and it was fantastic. For our entree we shared Peking Duck, which is always amazing, and Chinese black mushrooms with bok choy, one of our favorite dishes.

The service at Hunan Lion is really great. They have a mix of Chinese and Hispanic servers, which is great, because the Hispanic servers really know what they're talking about. They know what's on the menu and what's not. Everyone is super friendly and eager to help or recommend something to you that they think you will enjoy.

Overall, a great and super filling meal at a great place...and we came home with leftovers! Here are some shots of the food. YUM!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Husband the Fashionista

As most of you know Mike is into fashion. He dresses impeccably and has learned a lot about men's fashion and dress from the Style Forum which is an online forum he joined about 3 years ago.

At first I made fun of him for wanting to wear bow ties and suspenders, which are actually referred to as "braces" if we are being fashionably correct, but now I see how he stands out from all of the boring men I see everyday here in Washington DC whose clothes are ill fitting and downright hideous. I now appreciate the attention to detail he has and I love how he puts his outfits together.

There are several terms that Mike uses when shopping that you can tell either impress the men working at the stores, or confuse them because they have no idea what he's talking about. Last night I got a lesson in trouser talk after Mike picked up his new trousers from J. Press. I learned all about the "rise" of pants and how they should fit. I also learned that none of Mike's shirts fit him "correctly", so I will have to prepare myself for him to buy or special order many new shirts pretty soon. That's okay though, because he looks damn good in his clothes!

See for yourself... You too can learn all about men's trousers here if you are so inclined.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Take Action!

My parents just returned from a safari in South Africa and had an amazing time. Their pictures are incredible and their stories of the Bush, and the people, and of the animals they saw are jaw dropping.

I was in awe of how close they got to all of the animals, including elephants, zebra, giraffes, and a pride of lions that I believe amounted to 14 in all. The lions were magnificent. Their faces were regal, and their bodies were strong. They had just made a kill and were feasting, their bellies engorged...

After seeing the pictures my parents took, and after hearing their first hand accounts of how wonderful these majestic creatures are, it was extremely disturbing to watch 60 Minutes last Sunday and hear that lions are being killed in several countries in Africa by a poison called Furadan. Apparently, farmers whose cattle are being killed by the lions are buying Furadan to poison and kill the lions who are instinctively hunting their cattle to survive. I understand that the farmers are angry and they have a right to be, but they do not have a right to poison the lions.

So what can we do? We can take action and spread the word about banning chemicals like Furadan from being sold in Africa. Please take a moment and sign the petition. I don't know when Mike and I will get to Africa, but when we do, I would love to see a pride of lions roaming the Bush.

Take action here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mid City Dog Days Sidewalk Sale

This weekend was the 10th annual Mid City Dog Days Sidewalk Sale which stretched all along the 14th and U Street corridors. Mike and I took the Bella Boo and walked up 14th Street where stores had set up tables outside selling their wares for up to 60% off!

Some of our favorite stores were on sale such as Muleh and Redeem. I picked up a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress that was marked down 50% and which I will wear in a couple of weeks to my best friend's engagement party.

There was even a dunk tank where an innocent man sat shirtless while people lined up to see if they could sink was great! The vet clinic City Paws, where we take Bella had a table set up and were giving away free puppy food and doggy treats. And Bella's doggy day care place, Dogs By Day and Nite were giving away coupons and information.

All in all it was a great time to be a Logan Circle resident and I was proud of my neighborhood. Although we can't wait to move back to NYC, it is for reasons like this that I will miss our community here in DC when we go.

Here are a few pictures Mike took with his new Blackberry Storm....