Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Endorse: Hunan Lion

Last night Mike and I ate at Hunan Lion, our favorite Chinese restuarant in the DC area. I say area because there are NO good Chinese restuarants that are actually located within the District. They all exist in Northern Virginia where most of the Chinese and Southeast Asian people have moved.

Chinatown here in DC is a joke. The restuarants, those that are left, all suck bigtime. They serve "Americanized" Chinese food like chicken and broccoli and bad doughy, dry, dumplings that are a disgrace. Luckily we were introduced to Hunan Lion, which is on Chain Bridge Road near Tyson's Corner, VA, and voila! Good authentic Chinese food.

Last night we ordered sweet and spicy cabbage, and cold beef as an appetizer. The maitre'd recommended we also try the salty pork with fresh ginger served with Chinese vinegar and it was fantastic. For our entree we shared Peking Duck, which is always amazing, and Chinese black mushrooms with bok choy, one of our favorite dishes.

The service at Hunan Lion is really great. They have a mix of Chinese and Hispanic servers, which is great, because the Hispanic servers really know what they're talking about. They know what's on the menu and what's not. Everyone is super friendly and eager to help or recommend something to you that they think you will enjoy.

Overall, a great and super filling meal at a great place...and we came home with leftovers! Here are some shots of the food. YUM!

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