Monday, August 24, 2009

This Guy is Awesome

Big shocker - I'm posting about my husband's impeccable fashion sense again....whatever. This post is a little bit different though, because last night as Mike surfed his sartorial haven, "The Style Forum," he showed me that one of the regulars on the site is a finalist in Esquire Magazine's 2009 Best Dressed Real Man Contest.
And I thought that Mike was well dressed! This guy is amazing. When you first see him, he's a little funny looking because he's so serious in every picture, but then you take a look at his suits and how well they fit, and the patterns and the little things that SO MANY MEN just don't give a shit about, and that's why they look like shlubs everyday, and he looks amazing.

Another reason I love this guy is because he's Asian, short, and he reminds me of my dad about 40 years ago, except better dressed. Sorry dad.

Check him out yo! Click here.

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