Monday, December 13, 2010

The Perfect Camisole

In French the word for camisole is caraco, which literally means, bustier or blouse.  French women always have the most beautiful caracos peeking out from underneath their tops, making me jealous.

I, on the other hand have been on the search for the perfect camisole forever!  I know that the awesome French boutique Zadig and Voltaire carry lovely camisoles and that many Parisian women flock there to purchase them, but alas, I am here in the States, and in DC nonetheless where there is no Zadig and Voltaire..I know, boo hoo me.

So, I'm asking all ladies out there, where do you find the perfect little cami?  I'm picturing silk with some lace on the top, that comes in black and nude.

Lingerie stores? Department stores? Help!

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