Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Inaugur-Blog Post

Wow. We finally did it. My husband Mike and I have been talking about starting a blog for over a year now, and here I sit on a Sunday night typing on the couch, and I have to say that I am excited about what lies ahead.

First things first. The title. What the hell is "Friday's with Cilantro?" Well my friend, it is in fact a rather witty phrase that my husband coined and that we now use quite often (and hope you will too someday). Let me explain...

Mike and I are foodies. We eat, we cook, we enjoy all food. On occasion we end up at a restuarant, usually newly opened, that describes itself as "fusion ____" or "new/neuvo ____." More often than not, we predict that the place will suck, but you never know, and we are always hopeful to find a new spot to enjoy. I think you can see where this is going. In the vast majority of cases, the food is very comparable to Friday's/Applebee's/Chili's/You name the chain, but the prices are ALWAYS higher -- apparently this is a function of the "fusion" menu or trendy interior accents. Our description of such places: Friday's with Cilantro. Cilantro, of course, for the single ingredient that differentiates their menu from Friday's. These places are awful, are taking over America and are the reason for the decline of capitalism in the world. Okay, maybe its not that bad, but still they are pathetic and we hate them. More about that later...

In our inaugural blog post, I want to touch upon some of the topics that will be discussed here. Mike and I have many thoughts, opinions, and feelings, about many things, all the time. We are also very outspoken so we thought, why not share our notions with the world? That being said, topics will include but are not limited to: lifestyle, fashion, food, restaurants, family, marriage, travel, career, and political views. We currently live in Washington DC, but are NYC ex-pats so there are bound to be a lot of DC/NYC themed posts as well.

So, here we are. I hope you enjoy Friday's with Cilantro and I hope you visit often. Enjoy!

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