Friday, May 7, 2010

Trading Style for Comfort?

Now that all of you are in the know about my joint pain and acupuncture treatments, I need a little advice. I've said time and time again, that I would never trade my super high platform heels, or my super flat (read: no arch support at all) ballet flats for comfortable shoes which are made to treat your feet and joints well (read: ugly, birkenstock-esque).

But, now that I walk to work everyday and really should provide more support to my little tootsies and knees, I am thinking that I may break my own rule and invest in a pair or two of comfortable shoes. When I think comfort a few brands come to mind. They are Naot, Mephisto, Merrell, and Keen. I used to think these shoes were only for crunchy people that use Tom's deodorant and shop at Whole Foods, but now that I've been enlightened, and also shop at Whole Foods, I know that I was wrong.

Let me be very clear though. High end fashion trendy shoes these are not, but they are cute, practical, and really comfortable for walking around in all day. At least that's what I've heard. They also come in so many colors and styles that I know I will be able to find a pair or two that suit me.

So, which ones to get? I need to narrow it down. Have any of you ever owned any of these shoe brands? What do you recommend?

Option 1: Naot Marissa
Option 2: Naot Ashley
Option 3: Mephisto AduaOr are they all hideous?

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  1. Naot Marissa, definitely. Naot Ashley are hideous.