Thursday, July 22, 2010


The countdown to Paris has begun and I can't hardly wait! I'm trying to learn as much French as possible before we go, so that I can impress the Parisiens with my style, grace, and authentic's hoping!

So far I can say:
Je voudrais un cafe s'il vous plait - I would like a cup of coffee please. (Very important!)

Parlez-vou anglais? Do you speak English? (If I'm asking, I hope the answer is oui!)

Je souis desole mais je ne parle la francais - I'm sorry but I don't speak French. (But I'm trying!)

Nous voudrions un table pour deux s'il vous plait - We would like a table for two please.

Je ne compreds pas - I don't understand. (I'm sure I'll say this a lot.)

L'addicion s'il vous plait - The check please!

Okay, so I may not wow them, but I mean well! Tune in for more phrases in the coming days but for now, au revoir mis amis!


  1. Oooh I'm so jealous. I've been to Paris twice and have so many wonderful, magical memories. People hate on the French and say they're all snobby, but they're actually some of the most warm-hearted people. If you play by the rules. One thing I learned quickly: Always greet the manager/owner of a shop/cafe/restaurant before asking anything. Just a simple "Bonjour" .. Otherwise, they'll snub you as a rude American.

    Cheers! Bon voyage!

  2. Thanks Erica! I'm with ya! I'll be blogging while we're there, so you can enjoy Paris with us ;)