Monday, July 19, 2010

So Many Wonderful Cities!

I'm a lucky girl. I've been traveling and vacationing with my parents since I was a young kid, and now as an adult I have the opportunity and luxury to travel with my husband, and sometimes even the Bella Boo!

As you know, Mike and I were recently in San Francisco, and it was fantastic. The culture, the history of each neighborhood, the shopping, the food!!! What a great town. Definitely a city I could see myself living in.

I always ask people about their favorite cities and it's interesting to hear what their opinions are on the different cities they would/could consider living in. The top three in the U.S. are usually:

1. N.Y.C.
2. San Francisco
3. Chicago

If you press for five they'll most likely throw in:

4. Seattle
5. and maybe L.A.

What's tough though is that there are so many other great cities too, that I think are sometimes overlooked or forgotten! What about Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Portland, Austin, Baltimore, Minneapolis?

I love to daydream about spending time in each of these cities, and luckily I have visited most of them. They offer such a variety of history, culture, and ambience. I never thought I would love Portland as much as I did until I was there, and it was great.

On some days, if I let myself, I even dream about living overseas. My top five cities would then be:

1. London
2. Paris
3. Barcelona
4. Florence
5. Rome

Ahh, to dream! A dream turned reality is that Mike and I are going to be traveling within Switzerland and are then going to Paris at the end of the summer, and we can't wait! To see the Swiss Alps, and to experience Zurich will be unforgettable....and then to go onto Paris -- The City of Light! Yippee!

Although living in new and exciting cities would be super, visiting will have to do, as Mike and I are planning to move back to our favorite city - NYC baby! What's your dream city to live in? Got a top five??


  1. London is my fav city, Austin is also up there,...and a little place called NY wasn't too shabby the last time I visited.

    Have fun in Europe! I really hope you wear a camo outfit in Paris ;-)


  2. You know I'll be rockin the camo duds....hee hee...