Monday, August 16, 2010

How Annoying Are: Irresponsible Dog Owners!

Let's kick this week off right with a new edition of "How Annoying Are..."  So, I was on my way to work this morning and saw a well dressed woman walking her large dog in a small park.  She was wearing very high heels and a short dress, which as all you female doggie owners know, makes it harder to squat down and pick up poop.

That being said, her pup proceeded to produce a large pile on the green grass of the park.  I took note that the woman had a doggie bag dispenser attached to her leash -- which means she wasn't out of baggies!  But, instead of doing the responsible, courteous, friend of the earth thing and bending over to pick up the poop, she simply walked away.

Ewww!  I've seen people sit and eat on that lawn!  Just nasty.  A word to the wise.  If you own a dog, do the right thing and scoop that poop!  I know it's gross, but honestly it's the right thing to do.  Mike and I ALWAYS pick up Bella's poop.  It's our responsibility as dog owners and civil people.

Plus, no one likes to step in shit. Period.

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