Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Almost Time!!

We leave for our much anticipated European vacation tomorrow, and I'm super excited.  I haven't packed a thing yet, but that's ok, I'm going and that's all that matters.  Everything will get packed tonight...

Mike and I are taking our netbook with us and plan to blog the entire time we're there.  We got a new camera as well, so we'll be sure to take tons of pictures each day and post the best ones here on FWC.
I'm really looking forward to reviewing all of the restaurants we eat at in Paris.  I've already made reservations at Spring, where the head chef and owner is American Daniel Rose, Le Timbre, a fav spot of David Lebovitz, La Fontaine de Mars, where the Obama's dined, and Le Celedon, which  is supposed to be great.

So much more to share, but time is a-tickin and I gotta run.  Next time you hear from me, we'll be in Interlacken, Switzerland! 

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