Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Do you own an article of clothing, or a favorite accessory that you always get compliments on?  Well, I do.  I'm wearing it today and I call it my Spring sweater because it's bright yellow with white stitching, and to me yellow and white are fun and fresh Spring-y colors.

Every time I wear my Spring sweater, I get tons of compliments, which I love!  Today a girl in the bathroom at work was just gushing at how adorable my sweater is.  "Where did you get it?"  she asked.  I told her it was from Anthropologie and that it's at least 4 years old!

Anyway, it just goes to show you that well made, cute clothes are timeless and make you feel good!  Here are two picutres of me in my Spring sweater. These are from our engagement pictures almost three years ago.

The sweater is by Moth -- isn't she cute?

I realize that I am making a funny face here, but I had just heard a very funny story...

What do you own that you get tons of compliments on?  And don't the compliments make you feel great?!

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