Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The LongChamp Challenge - Get in the Game!

If you live in a city and commute to work, there is a good chance that you've seen one, or several in fact.  Yes kids, I'm refering to LongChamp totes, the Le Pliage style to be precise.

I see at least five a day, and that's on a slow day.  I mean, I see the appeal.  They come in a variety of colors, and sizes, they can hold a lot of stuff, and the price point is just right for women looking for a name brand bag that's trendy and functional.  I have a really old one in bright orange that I use to wear quite often. 

Anyway, here's the fun part of this post.  Due to the fact that there are so many LongChamp totes being carried around here in DC, my friend Joanna and I have devised a challenge.  See details below:

The Challenge:
LongChamp totes, ever present in the not-so-trendy, but always practical, Washington D.C. area have become a “fashion” staple. It goes to follow that much fun can be made of this spectacle. As such, the following challenge has been issued: who can spot the most, and the most rare, LongChamp totes?

The Objective:
The participants receive points for every LongChamp tote they see in public. The number of points a participant receives for seeing a tote correlates to its perceived rarity.

Common colored totes (Taupe, Chocolate, Beige, Black, Navy, Graphite) are worth 2 points;

All other solid colors are worth 5 points;

Seasonal totes/Special Designs are worth 10 points.

The Rules:
All fun must be contained (enhanced?) by rules, so here they are:

1.) Points must be reported to the other participants within 24 hours. The reporter (Christina) will keep a tally of the points and make participants aware of total point accumulation on a regular basis. The tally board will be kept in the office space of the reporter.

2.) The only geographical limitation is a closet. A participant may not count a LongChamp tote being stored in his or her closet.

3.) All participants must become intimately familiar with the LongChamp design and colors- we cannot have people confusing Beige and Taupe or wondering if a specific color is currently manufactured. Please refer to the LongChamp website.

4.) All totes counting towards a participants score must be owned and used by a single person (i.e.- stores, street vendors selling bags, etc. do not count)

5.) In the event that two or more participants are together:

a. If the tote is seen by one participant before the other, the points go to the participant who verbally recognizes the presence of a LongChamp first.

b. Neither participant can add points to their score if a tote is seen at the same time, but the color must be checked off of the master list as having been “seen” if it has not already been spotted.

6.) While the color/pattern of the totes change from season to season, it is quite possible that style/material of the tote may have evolved too--- the only totes that can be counted towards this challenge are the simple, classic fold up, but it can be in any size.

Our game starts tomorrow, and I can't wait to kick some ass. I'll let you know who wins.
Now get out there and play!

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