Monday, September 21, 2009

The Art of Baking

I love to cook. Whether it's following a complicated recipe or coming up with a dish of my own, I really enjoy putting ingredients together and mixing flavor combinations to end up with something that tastes great. This is simple to me.

Unfortunately my skills are not as stellar when it comes to baking. Up until recently, I have not had the desire to bake. Precise measurements and having to wait several hours just to let something rise was not that exciting to me. It just seemed like it was easier to leave baking to the professionals.

Well, I have to admit that my perspective on baking has changed as of late. Mike has always enjoyed baking and has mastered the art of making great pie crust. He bakes a mean apple pie, and he makes it look so easy.

For Labor Day weekend we took a day trip to Saint Michaels, Maryland and bought a pound of fresh blueberries. We worked together and made a lovely blueberry pie and then amazing blueberry muffins. And guess what?! It wasn't that complicated, it was just as fulfilling as cooking, and I enjoyed it.

Who would'a thunk it? Baking aint so bad! See for yourself.

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