Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dressing For The Season

My wife just posted about Autumn being her favorite season and it is no surprise, I am sure, that it is also my favorite. Deciding to marry in October was really a no-brainer for us. We both look forward to the season of cooler temps and earthtones wishing that it were as long a season as Summer in DC.

My post today is a commentary on dressing as One should according to the traditional calendar as well as the weather conditions where you live. For most (at least the five or so of you who read this blog) my post means little more than my attention to detail on all things sartorial is greater than the average human. I comment anyway:

1) Color and texture matter most. All have heard the "No White Past Labor Day Rule." Not to be followed religiously, but the premise is sound. Pack away linen, chambray and light weight/light colored cottons. The window for such materials is short, so if wardrobe usefulness is a concern (as it should be) these items should represent a small fraction, say 1/4 - 1/3 of your overall wardrobe. Living in DC means that I must have a set of light suits and sport coats. As much as I like them, away they go until Memorial Day.

2) Don't jump the gun. While scarves have become year round appropriate to the masses, I disagree with this proposition. Tweeds, heavier wools and wide-wale corduroy should not emerge until the lows are in the forties or the highs don't exceed the fifties. Sweaters, even lighter weight, should stay in the drawer while temps are summerlike. Even if your day planner says it is the tenth month.

3) Don't let magazines or retail windows dictate your dress. Both are at least a season ahead. I ignore the circulars and such by trying to buy off season. In other words, try to confine what you are looking at by concentrating on all the heavily discounted Summer stuff to buy now and wear next year. Honestly, I am not so good at this, but as time passes I hope to practice more of what I preach.

4) Physically rotate your wardrobe. Christina and I have a pretty big walk-in closet, but also have tupperware storage boxes under our bed for off-season wear. If you go through the process every Memorial Day and Labor Day, you will dress more season appropriate and save closet space.

So next Tuesday will likely be in the eighties -- I'll be commuting in DC with nothing weather appropriate to wear!!

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