Friday, September 25, 2009

We Are Famous!

I can't name any names, but one of our good friends is a billionaire. Yea, it's pretty awesome for him, and his family, but also for us as his friends. When invited, we get to travel to their ridiculously gargantuan home in Florida to holiday with them, Mike has flown on their private jet a few times, and has sat front row at Nets games.

The other day we learned that our friend's family had recently acquired, or bought, a country club just North of Manhattan, in New City, NY. Long story short, he lets Mike and I know that they are using pictures from our wedding on their website under the "events" category. How cool is that?!

Who knows if they'll keep those pictures up as they revamp their site in the coming months, but for now we are embracing our new found fame as spokespeople of the Dellwood Country Club!

Check us out here.

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