Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Mike and I are headed to the big city tonight for the weekend, so cross your fingers and pray that there isn't horrible traffic due to "volume" or some hideous accident that backs the turnpike up for 30 miles.

I'm really excited for this weekend, because my parents have been away in California on vacation, so I haven't seen them in a while, and also because on Saturday night we're having dinner with some of Mike's friends from law school and needless to say, it's always a great hang.
I have to say that I'm lucky when it comes to my husband's friends. I really enjoy each one of them and I have become close to their wives as well. I know that they have become our friends instead of just his friends and to me, that's special.

The only gripe I have, and leave it to me to have one, is the restaurants we go to when hanging out with these friends. They always pick the places that Mike and I would NEVER in a million years go to if it was our choice. On Saturday, out of all the amazing resturants to choose from in the great city of New York, we will be dining at Del Frisco's which is a total power scene Wall Street, steakhouse. It also happens to be a chain, which annoys the shit outta me.

Why the hell are we going to a chain steakhouse in NYC? I get that we needed a bigger place to accommodate 9 of us, and that we may be a rowdy bunch, but common! There are plently of places we could have picked.

I guess I can't tear the place apart until after I've been there, but I know that if it were up to me we'd be going somewhere with a little more character and a little less of the see and be seen scene. Oh well, I guess that's what you do for friends. You take the good, you take the bad, and you dine at crap restaurants...

Look for my review of Del Frisco's soon.

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