Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Man Shops Globe

I just found out that the buyer for my absolute favorite store, Anthropologie is the focus of a documentary series called "Man Shops Globe" which premieres on the Sundance Channel tomorrow night at 10pm.

Anthropologie carries some of the best clothes you can find as well as amazing furniture, antique lamps, and the most beautiful bedding. This series follows their buyer Keith Johnson around the world as he searches for hidden treasures.

I love the idea of getting a behind the scenes look at how buyers find merchandise in stores that I frequently shop at. I will definitely be tuning in and you should too!

Below are some pictures from the show to whet your appetite. The first is Keith in India buying bangle bracelets. The second is Keith in Turkey looking at a suzani which is an embroidered blanket or throw. In the third picture Keith is in Holland in search of furniture.

Find out more about the series here.

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  1. I love Anthropologie too.