Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glee: A Must Watch

If you haven't yet jumped on the Glee bandwagon you are really missing out. Glee is my new favorite show and in my opinion, the best show that's on TV right now. It's so freakin fun!!
The premise is simple: high school kids in glee club. It's a glee club made up of great characters. Take Finn, the captain of the football team. He's a sweet innocent guy that everyone loves, who's caught in a love triangle with Rachel, the intense young girl who has been singing and performing forever, and Quinn the head cheerleader who comes across as a pretentious snot, but who is really just a confused teenager. It's great! My favorite character is Kurt who is as gay as a parade and proud of it. His fashion sense is impeccable and he has a face moisturizing regiment that would put most girls to shame. Kurt is such a great character because in each episode he stays true to himself, which is so hard to do when you're in high school.
I mean, come on...remember high school? It was so tough. Trying to fit in, trying to wear the right clothes, trying not to get picked on, or beat up...what a shitty time of life, but what a great time of life. Good times meant hanging out with friends, feeling like you were invincible, falling in love, having your heart broken...Well, Glee encompasses all of these feelings and memories and whenever I watch I feel like I've been transported back in time. All of those high school feelings come rushing back, and I love it.
I also love Glee because in each episode the kids perform at least five songs. They sing everything from Broadway ballads, to Beyonce. From Celine Dion love songs to Young MC's "Bust a Move." And they dance. And they're really, really good! Again I say, it's so freakin fun!! And it's showing kids that you can sing and dance and be who you are, and still be cool. It makes me happy and I guarantee it will make you happy too. Just watch.

Glee: Wednesday's at 9pm on Fox

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