Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Look Same?

Mike came home from work the other day and showed me this website that tests how much people know about different Asian ethnicities and cultures. I'm not sure how much I like the name, but I have to admit that taking the quizzes to see if I could tell the difference between a Chinese person, Korean person, and Japanese person was really fun.

I figured that since we're off to China in two days, you should all know a little more about my Asian heritage and that not all Asians look the same, eat the same foods, or are part of the same culture. I'll admit that I have to do some more poking around on the site before I can honestly state whether or not I agree with their point of view or what they're writing about, but in the meantime I will have fun taking more of the quizzes they offer.

I did really well on the facial recognition quiz, probably because I know that we DON'T all look same, but I didn't fare so well with the photos of cities, maybe cause they DO all look same...hehe, just kidding.

See how well you do, here.

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