Friday, February 12, 2010

The Comeback Kids

A couple of months ago Mike and I started talking about celebrities who have recently made a comeback. It was actually a really fun and lively conversation because there are so many singers/actors/politicians, you name it, who have made a comeback from either being junkies, or alcoholics, or just plain losers. It's fascinating. Seriously, our society forgives and forgets way too soon.

Here are my top 10 comeback kids (in no particular order):

1. Robert Downey Jr. - Who doesn't love this guy? He's a great actor who had a bit of trouble in his early days...but now he's outta rehab and doing really well. Mike and I LOVED Sherlock Holmes and we know our boy Robbie will keep on the straight and narrow from now on...well, at least he's good for now.

2. Mickey Rourke - Really? Mickey Rourke? I never would have thought this guy would be up for an Academy Award, but his work in The Wrestler was amazing. He's really done a complete turnaround. He went from actor to boxer to alcoholic to actor...we'll see where he ends up next!
3. Britney Spears - Remember what a hot mess Britney was? All bald, and fat, and white- trashy. Now she's in the recording studio again, appearing at the Grammy's, and looking semi-presentable. Thank Jesus.

4. Mike Tyson - I don't agree with this one, but apparently someone out there believes this guy should get a second chance. I couldn't believe that he was on stage at the Golden Globes for his cameo in The Hangover...gross. Have we all forgotten that this man bit Evander Holyfield's ear off like a squirrel would bite someones finger?! WTF people?? The man is an animal. Let's also not forget that he's a convicted rapist. Yuck.

5. Jason Bateman - I love Jason Bateman! Remember the show Valerie and then the Hogan Family (after they killed Valerie off)? He was great in those shows, but then he disappeared. Poof, he was gone. Then he re-surfaced in the brilliant show Arrested Development, which didn't last long, but his real comeback was in the movie Juno which was nominated for 2 Academy Awards. Now he's in Up in the Air, also nominated for a couple of Oscars...way to go Jason!

6. Alec Baldwin - My favorite comeback kid. Yea he had a miserable and public divorce from Kim Basinger, and yes he totally yelled at his daughter in a drunken rage over the phone...but who cares? This guy is hilarious and a comic genius. 30 Rock is a riot and Jack Donaghy is my favorite character. I also heard that he's great in It's Complicated, which I have yet to see...Alec, you rock!

7. Rod Blagojevich - This guy is a Grade A douche bag. Just look at his hair!! But I guess even douche-bags get a second chance. He is a disgraced Senator, turned reality-TV star. Talk about a comeback. If I was Donald Trump I wouldn't want this guy as my apprentice, but that's just my two cents. Come to think of it, Donand Trump is kind of a douche-bag also...

8. Hillary Clinton - My girl! She went from being the First Lady and having to endure her husband's scandals, to running a stellar Presidential campaign and getting beaten by the Obaminator, to becoming our Secretary of State. What an amazing comeback, and she's doing a great job. I love you Hill!

9. David Hasselhoff (aka The Hoff) - One of my favorite You-Tube videos to watch (yes, I am evil) is The Hoff drunk off his rocker, sitting on the floor, eating a big mac while his daughter tapes him. I know, it's actually really sad because she's trying to help him, but I can't help but laugh...sorry. Anyway, be happy! He's fully recovered and now one of the judges on America's Got Talent! Great comeback story...and the man can sing! (That's me being mean again, he can't sing a lick)

10. Brett Favre - He's retired, he's not retired. Whatever. I have to say though, that his run with the Vikings was an amazing comeback to the game of football, and I don't even like football. All season Mike kept saying something like "He's 41 years old, look at him!" I guess. Anyway, he made the list.

Here are my top 5 that will soon make a comeback:
1. Tiger Woods (ugh!)
2. Amy Winehouse (unless she dies first)
3. Eliot Spitzer (maybe he'll be on a reality show)
4. Lindsay Lohan (she needs to get it together)
5. John Edwards (he'll write a "My Side of the Story" book or something)

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