Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Have I Done?

The pressure has been mounting for months and this weekend I finally caved. Yes people, I have joined Facebook. I know! I resisted for so long, and I never really believed that I would join, but alas, I did.

And now...I'm obsessed. Why does this thing suck you in so easily and so fast? I'm now constantly checking my "wall" (I hate that I now know what that means) and checking to see if anyone commented, or accepted my friend request, blah, blah, blah...

The one thing I'm excited about though to be honest, is that I'm already back in touch with some old friends that I haven't spoken to in years. That's the good part about Facebook. It really does re-connect you with people you just fell out of contact with but never meant to. I like that part. What I don't like is being crazed and searching for people to see what they're up to, or where they live now, or what their careers are, if they're married, if they got fat, etc...

I will probably stop searching in a couple of weeks after the initial intrigue has passed and I get bored. At least that's what I'm hoping...wish me luck!

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