Monday, March 15, 2010

How Annoying Are: Fitted Sheets

I have decided to start a new category on Friday's With Cilantro called "How Annoying Are." They will be similar to "Today's Gripe", and "I Endorse." Simply put, these posts will focus on things that annoy me. They could be big things, they could be small things, but I promise you they will be centered on things that annoy me and possibly annoy you too!

I begin with the fitted sheet. I mean, how annoying are fitted sheets? They are impossible to fold! I was cleaning the apartment yesterday, as I do every Sunday, and was folding the sheets that I had just taken out of the dryer, and I nearly had a coronary trying to fold that damned fitted sheet. OMG it was infuriating! After a while, I basically said to hell with it, and rolled it up into a ball and shoved it into the closet.

I once saw Martha Stewart fold a fitted sheet into a beautiful flat square. She made it look soo easy! Simply take the corners and put them together and fold in half, and then again. Well, obviously I am not Martha Stewart because I cannot for the life of me fold the fitted sheet into a neat little square.

I also hate how the fitted sheet shrinks a little each time you wash it so that it pops off one corner when you're trying to pull it over the next annoying!! And I never know which end is up, so I inevitably spend FOREVER trying to get the stupid thing to stay on the bed.

I hate you fitted sheets!!!

Well then, I hope you've enjoyed this edition of "How Annoying Are." Tune in again soon, as I'm sure to be annoyed by something else in the near future.


  1. I found this video of how to fold a fitted sheet works :) Now I look forward to folding them. But I do hate how they shrink a little each time, and make the bed look... cramped.

  2. ok Mama Bean...I'm going to check it out, but I'm warning you if it doesn't work I'm coming after ya. Hee hee :)