Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mike's Coming Home!!!

Finally, after two grueling months of non-stop work, Mike my hubby is coming home. As most of you know, Mike's job requires an extensive amount of travel and he's been on trial in Pensacola, Florida since January 27th. Geez...it seems like an eternity since we've had dinner together at our dining table in our apartment! It's nuts!

Although this time apart has been really difficult, I think that it has also brought us closer in many ways. We both now realize how important spending time together is. Not only spending time together, but the importance of being able to hug each other, which I think we take for granted. We've also had to learn to provide support to each other in ways that we never had to before. It's not as easy to provide support and show someone that you care and that you're thinking about them when you haven't seen their face in over 60 days!

Mike recently told me that he's actually learned a lot about himself in these few months in terms of career versus family. We are both extremely career oriented individuals and we both want what's best for each other with regard to career goals, but at the same time, we both want to spend time together and have a family and a life.

Obviously in life there must be balance between work and play, and between career goals and family. What makes me really happy is that I think Mike and I now understand that we can both have great careers and also have a life full of priceless moments spent together as a family, and I can't imagine anything better than that.


  1. I love you LaRoo! I can't wait to be home with you and the baby.

  2. Happiness and joy to ALL of you, and congratulations to Mike on winning his big case. And have a happy Easter, too.