Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's official. I have made my first acupuncture appointment for next Saturday and I am really excited. One (not so cool) thing about me that you don't know is that I suffer from joint pain. My knees ache, my shoulders are sore, and my right wrist sometimes hurts so bad that I can't hold a pen. It really sucks, and NO, I will NEVER stop wearing heels...

I've done my homework, and know all about the different types of chronic joint pain. I know about rheumatoid arthritis versus osteoarthritis, and bursitis versus tendonitis, and I've gone to the doctor who said it was probably a mild form of tendonitis due to the ergonomics of my desk at work. See! Work really is killing me...anyway, all I know for sure is that my body is telling me that something is wrong and I have to listen. Personally, I think that my joint pain is a result of a combination of the way I sit at my desk, type at my computer all day, and carry a heavy bag over my shoulder. I also think that it gets worse when I'm really stressed out. And I'm sure it doesn't help that some days I wear 4 inch heels and others I wear really flat flats.

So, why acupuncture you ask? Well I'm Chinese and acupuncture is one of the oldest Chinese treatments that helps relieve all types of ailments from digestive problems, to infertility. I also like the fact that it is a holistic approach to healing as opposed to traditional Western medical practice that heavily relies on medication. I like that acupuncture recognizes that the body is a sum of its parts--meaning that you have to take into consideration that all things are connected within your body, including the mind and your emotions.

So, next Saturday I will have tons of tiny needles stuck all over my body. Hopefully it will help alleviate my joint pain and at the same time relieve some of my stress. I look forward to being more in tune with my body. If any of you have had good experiences with acupuncture I'd love to hear about it...and I'll keep you posted on my treatments. Here's to a pain free future!


  1. my aunt is an acupuncturist - i think it is great.

  2. Thanks Keesa! Have you tried it?