Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Can't Believe I Watch TMZ

It's sad but true. I have recently been sucked into watching TMZ while I work out. My gym has TV's connected to every machine and recently switched from regular cable to digital (or something like that) and I can no longer watch Rachael Ray because we don't get the Food Network anymore (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

Anyway, we do get the FOX network and so now I watch TMZ from 6:30pm to 7pm while I'm on the elliptical or stepper. For those of you who don't know what TMZ is, it's a trashy show where sleezy paparazzi-esque "reporters" give brief rundowns of their encounters with celebrities in the street. Basically, it's fabulous! They all stand around and talk sh*t about people like Paris Hilton and how she was dancing on tables in Vegas, or how Danny Devito was spotted at a rave at Cochella partying like a rockstar! Classic!

Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud! Like last week they reported on Doug Reinhardt and how his fame stems from his step father's invention of the frozen burrito, or chimichanga, whatever....I almost died. What they're really saying, is that Doug Reinhardt is famous for nothing, much like all of the cast of MTV's The Hill's, or the Kardashian sisters. I will admit that I also enjoy all of the shows I just mentioned, but I agree that these people are famous for no reason...

So although TMZ is a bit trashy, and is probably making me dumber by the minute, it makes me laugh out loud therefore I will continue to watch it and revel in the hilarity of what we call "celebrity" in this day and age.

By the way, who the hell is Justin Beiber, and why is he famous???

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