Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coolest Job Ever?

While Mike is in San Francisco for business, I've been catching up on all the good shows that have been recorded on my best friend, the DVR.  These shows include Gossip Girl, Project Runway, The Real Housewives, Tori and Dean, and The Rachel Zoe Project.  Basically these are shows that Mike won't let me watch in his presence, except Project Runway. Whatever, that topic could be an entirely separate blog post.  I digress...

Watching the Rachel Zoe Project recently has made me so happy and has been really inspirational.  With the fall season approaching, I am super excited to bust out all of my chunky sweaters and high boots, leggings and long tops, and my little leather Tory Burch bomber!

Seriously though, Rachel Zoe's job is fantastic.  Think about it.  She deals with beautiful clothes and accessories for a living!  I know that being a stylist isn't easy, but boy does she (and the show) make it look cool.  Hanging out with celebrities, going to all the fashion shows, being able to try on clothes from new collections, the list goes on and on!

My favorite part about watching the show is seeing what Rachel and Bradley wear.  Their style is so amazing.  I love how Rachel morphs into different style asthetics based on where she is.  For example she wears a lot of hats when she's in London, and a lot of couture when she's in Paris at the shows.  I also love that Brad loves bowties. Awesome.

Anyway, I think she may have the coolest job ever.  What do you think?

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