Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spring Menu

Ok, so here goes with what we ate at Spring.  I don't have the exact menu in front of me, so I can't describe everything in the detail I want, but this will have to do...Oh, and the wine pairings were out of this world good as well!

Amuse bouche 1 - Potato croquettes that were round balls of goodness.  Sounds simple, but they weren't.  Each was so light and airy, yet super flavorful and melted in your mouth.  I could have eaten dozens.

Amuse bouche 2 - Sashimi style salmon with mustard seeds in a light sauce. Amazing little bite of fish. So fresh and clean.

Entree 1 - Tête de veau, which is calf's head, but it wasn't your traditional tete de veau because it had to have been made in a terrine with foie gras in the mix.  It was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten.

Entree 2 - Ecrevisse or crayfish which came in a light broth with the same mustard seeds we had in the 2nd amuse bouche

Plat Principal - Le Canard (duck), which was cooked to perfection. Extremely tender, melt in your mouth delight. I'm still not sure if it was roasted or sous-vide, but it was amazing.

We then had three desserts which were all heavenly, and we split a cheese course with the couple sitting next to us.  That's what I love about Paris!  Our sommelier suggested that we share the cheese and "get to know each other."  He totally wanted us to become friends, and by the end of the evening, we were!

It was such a great meal and a fantastic night.  I would definitely return to Spring the next time we're in Paris, which I hope is very soon!

Au revoir for now!

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