Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Run, don't walk, to Spring!

What can I say about our experience at Spring in Paris that hasn't already been said?  Everyone knows that chef Daniel Rose is a super talented, young American chef with a super cool restaurant in Paris called Spring.  Everyone knows that Spring is a small place with an open kitchen and hosts one seating per night and that Chef Rose offers a set three course menu that incorporates French flavors, amazing technique, and aesthetically lovely dishes that tantalize all the senses.

What you may not know is that Chef Rose is a really down to earth guy who spent over twenty minutes chatting it up with us and another couple towards the end of our meal.  You also may not know that Chef Rose is very serious while he's in the kitchen, and that he and his sous-chefs work really hard to make everything perfect for all patrons.  When Chef Rose says something, their answer is "Oui Chef!" which I thought was too cool...

Overall, our experience at Spring made for a fabulous meal and fantastic evening.  We were there for five hours and it went by in a flash.  I could have spent five more hours being fed and drinking the delicious wine our sommelier chose for us.

Our conversation with chef Rose was so honest and insightful.  He told us about the opening of the restaurant at its new location and how they've been faring (I think quite well!).  He also talked about the ins and outs of being a chef and restauranteur and how rewarding yet difficult it can sometimes be. 

I have to say that it was really nice to sit and be able to ask such a talented chef questions about his work.  Chef Rose was very open about his technique and the ingredients he had used to create our fantastic meal.  We were sitting next to a couple and the young man was an aspiring chef so he asked Chef Rose several questions and received detailed answers to each of them, which was very impressive.

The coolest thing was when the aspiring chef asked for a copy of the menu and was given the original menu, which had been written by Chef Rose that morning in French.  Chef Rose even signed it for him.  It made his day and made us happy and even bigger fans of Daniel Rose and of Spring.

Tout simplement parfait!  My next post will cover, in detail, everything we ate and drank at Spring.  Until then!

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