Monday, June 7, 2010

The Golden Girls

While I was in Tucson last week I heard about Rue McClanahan's passing and I was so sad. As a child, I remember watching The Golden Girls religiously and laughing out loud at the hilarious scenarios of each episode and at the perfect comedic timing each character had. What a great show.

When you think about it, The Golden Girls was the first "Sex and the City" type show there was. Each woman had distinct characteristics that made her uniquely wonderful and essential to the show's success. Dorothy's dry humor, Blanche's promiscuous romps, Rose's innocence, and Sofia's quick wit, made for the perfect combination of four strong, intelligent, independant women, who also had a ton of life experience to boot!

My favorite episode was when they have a garage sale and Blanche accidentally sells Rose's favorite teddy bear to a girl scout who lives in the neighborhood. When Blanche tries to get the teddy bear back from the little girl, she holds it for ransome and sends Blanche its ear as proof that she means business. Rose eventually gets the bear back in an unforseen way. It's hysterical.

Although I am sad that Rue McClanahan is gone, Blanche Devereaux will continue to brighten my days whenever she and the other Golden Girls are broadcast into my home. Thanks for the memories Rue.

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