Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the Road Again

Most of you know that Mike travels a lot for his job. What you may not know is that my job requires some travel as well. I am currently posting this entry while sitting in my room at The Lodge on the Desert in Tucson, Arizona. It was 100 degrees here today, but it felt great to be in the sun and not be suffering from the humidity.

Last week I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it was lovely there as well. Although I would rather be traveling with my friends or family, it can be nice to get away for a couple of days on my own even though it is work related. I was able to enjoy a great evening last week filled with a fulfilling workout, room service, and the first SATC movie while in Minneapolis and then had a really enjoyable lunch with colleagues at a quaint cafe on the Mississippi River before heading back to DC.

Today I had a yummy meal with colleagues here in Tucson, and then spent the later part of the afternoon laying in the sun by the pool at my spa was fabulous! Yes, yes, tomorrow morning its back to work all day, but at least I've had a few priceless hours to myself, which we all need sometimes.

Make sure to take some time to yourself whenever you travel for work. It makes a huge difference, and in the end makes work feel more like fun.

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