Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love or Hate: Rompers

They're everywhere these days. I see women all over rockin the rompers. I'm not completely sure, but I think I'm leaning toward hate on this one. Mike is most definitely in the hate camp. I can't decide if they're really cute or really ridiculous.

It's just that sometimes I see a romper on a girl that can pull it off and I think, hmm maybe they're not so bad. Then I'll see someone wearing one that is all wrong and I cringe.

What do you think? Trend to try, or not?


  1. Your taste is questionable Cal...LOL!

  2. Unbearable; avoid them, please.

  3. I think they *can* be cute on the right body-type (slender, long legs). And under certain circumstances (beach/pool-side) ... But I see a lot of unfortunate infractions on both cases. (And you have to fully disrobe to pee!)