Friday, June 25, 2010

Ready for 30!

Tomorrow I will celebrate my 30th birthday and I'm super excited. Everyone's been asking me how I'm feeling, telling me that I'll be okay and not to freak out, and I'm thinkin, "why would I freak out?" I'm totally ready to leave my 20's behind!

I decided to have a low key birthday and celebrate with the hubby and our two closest friends in DC, Matt and Josh. We'll be trying out Vinoteca a wine bar off of U Street on Saturday night, and tonight Mike and I are crackin open one of our bottles of amazing wine left from our Napa honeymoon and making a thin crust pesto pizza and baby lamb chops...YUM! There may even be a Cake Love birthday cake in the mix!!

Anyway, I'll be sure to tell you all about how Vinoteca was and what kind of cake we had! I plan on eating, and drinking, and enjoying life ALL WEEKEND!!



  1. Christina,
    happy birthday again. i don't think I realized that you turned 30 this year! you've accomplished so much already, that's why you are happy to have left your 20s behind! I love reading your blog and it makes me miss you! let me know when you're in the city, i want you to meet Rose. You're gonna love her :)
    Take care, and keep writing!

  2. Jules! I didn't know you followed! Thanks. You're awesome and I miss you and can't wait to meet little angel Rose! I love you and really want to get together soon. Kiss the baby and your cutie hubby for me ;)