Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bag Ladies

I was walking to work this morning and noticed that 9 out of 10 women were carrying mulitple bags.  Two huge bags over each shoulder, a tote in one hand and a smaller purse over the shoulder, a large purse and a gym bag in the hand...

Why ladies, why?  This is when Coco Chanel's advice of taking one thing off before you leave the house, comes in handy.  What are these women carrying around?

I have many things in the bags I carry, but I always only carry one bag.  I refuse to leave the house with mulitple bags strewn across my body!  It just looks sloppy.  Unless you are on your way to the airport, I don't understand why you need to be carrying so many things, in so many bags!

The rolling bag is the worst of them all!  Some sound advice ladies, from a woman who LOVES her bags.  Carry one and one only.  If it's not big enough to hold everything you want, switch to a larger one.

Thank you.


  1. Ha! I see that a lot in NYC and just wonder what the heck they carry with them. I guess spare shoes, spare outfits, gym clothes, breakfast AND lunch, books and other miscellaneous items. Leave some of it home or the office or get a suitcase! :)

  2. Hey KatzNYC! I completely agree. Thanks for your comment ;)

  3. Thank you!!! Only carry one bag, that is all you need. I am a guy and I carry everything I need in my pockets.