Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Swiss Art

While we were vacationing in Switzerland this summer, we learned that the Swiss are extremely talented people.  Their craftsmanship of watches, and clocks is superb.  Their artistry in wood carving is lovely.  Their ability to produce some of the best chocolate and cheese is amazing.  And, they keep their cities antiseptically clean, which is a great talent in and of itself.  What a great country!

During our stay in Solothurn, we were lucky enough to have lunch at a family friend's house, who happened to be a ridiculously talented artist.  His home was breathtaking.  His creations stood and were hung throughout each room.  Everywhere you turned was a different masterpiece, and all were fantastic.  We also got to visit his atelier, which is where Mike and I fell in love with all of his work.

Who is this artist you ask?  His name is Rudolf Butz and he has been an artist his entire life.  He was classically trained in France and Italy as a painter.  Most recently though, he has been creating glassworks, acrylic transparent art, and sculptures and they are all amazing.

Mike and I bought this transparency piece which was originally a photograph which was then transposed digitally onto acrylic with the most beautiful colors and shapes.  It's mounted on our wall and looks super cool.
Our piece hanging in Rudy's atelier
If anyone is looking for a modern, sophisticated, colorful peice of art, look no further!  Rudy's work will blow you away!  He also happens to be a great cook, and a really cool guy.  I can't wait to collect more of his work!

Check him out here.

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