Friday, October 8, 2010

Q&A with Style Guru....and me!

I was perusing Facebook the other day and came across an interview that was conducted with Nina Garcia, who is a judge on Project Runway and who is also the Fashion Director at Marie Claire magazine.

Nina Garcia has great style and she brings her expertise of fashion to the pages of Marie Claire, which I greatly enjoy.  After reading the interview with Nina, I thought it might be fun to ask myself some of the questions she was asked and provide my answers here on FWC.

Here goes nothin!

How much should a woman’s individual personality and lifestyle influence her wardrobe, and how often should she reevaluate?  I think individual personality is the key to different style asthetics.  The way you style yourself is a way to showcase your personality.  I agree with Nina that comfort is extremely important.  When you are comfortable in your clothes, you exude confidence and in turn, you look great! Re-evaluating is important as well. Like Oprah says, if you haven't worn it in over a year - get rid of it!
What are a few pieces to avoid on a first date?  Tops that are too tight or show too much cleavage, I just think they're tacky!
When it comes to the office, do you have any quick tips for wearing current trends while still looking professional?   Instead of trendy to work, go classic with a trendy twist.  Add a scarf or lots of bangles to a pencil skirt, blouse and a pair of heels in a color that pops! I always think it's better to be overdressed at work, than under-dressed.  You never know when a Board member will show up and need to meet with you.

Can you name the top three versatile wardrobe pieces every woman should own?  Pair of skinny jeans, gray or black sweater, and crisp white oxford shirt.

OK, now the lightning round…

Favorite color? Gray
Favorite fabric? Lace
Favorite midnight snack? Cold pizza
Person you’d most like to meet — past or present? Princess Diana
Guilty pleasure? Reuben sandwiches
Qualities you most admire in a person? Honesty and sense of humor.
Favorite getaway? Paris!
Favorite place to shop? Right now, it's Muleh and Hu's Wear in DC.  Both carry great labels like Isabel Marant, Philip Lim, Barbara Bui, and Autumn Cashmere.
Hardest thing to pull off? Oversized clothes without looking like a crazy person.

Check out all of Nina's answers here.

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