Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Endorse: Barbour (his and hers)

Christmas always seems to come early in the New-Watling home. I suppose it is a function of our retail propensities. Typically our yuletide giving ritual consists of (1) figuring our yearly budget, and (2) promptly blowing it. This year was no exception. Thankfully we kept our budget far lower than years past. But, I digress.

Let's back up to a related side story: we recently had drinks with an old neighbor of ours, Robert, who is an older guy, single, and Australian. I used to see him in passing and he was always well put together. Robert came over for drinks and was casually dressed -- jeans, chelsea boots by RM Williams and a fine looking coat that I assumed was a Barbour or Belstaff. As commonly happens with me, I decided I must have one.

Fast forward to this weekend. Christina mentioned that she may want a new mild weather coat. Light bulb on; lets go to the new Barbour store in Georgetown! And Merry X-mas in mid November. His and hers waxed cotton jackets. For me, the Int'l Union Jack model, for her a Winter Force Parka.

If only we could wait until X-mas to enjoy . . . here they are!

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  1. By the way, I am obsessed with this coat. It's the perfect weight, and the style is classic but also REALLY in right now, with the military look...LOVE!

    Awesome suggestion honey!