Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mike and Christina's Thanksgiving

For the past three years Mike and I have celebrated Thanksgiving together with Bella, just the three of us.  My parents usually head to Georgia, where my mother is originally from, and Mike's parents are outside of Seattle, which is a little too far to travel for just a few days.

This year is no exception.  We are so excited to just lounge around fat and happy in a turkey and stuffing induced coma.  Thanksgiving is a fantastic holiday because it's the only time of year when extreme laziness is accepted and actually expected! 

Our plans are as follows:
Thursday - Cook all morning, stuff our faces, watch movies, nap, round two of face stuffing, drink wine, watch TV, head to bed.

Friday - Sleep in, have breakfast, laze around, snack on leftovers all day, nap, leisurely walk with Bella, nap, eat, drink more wine, sleep.

Saturday - Repeat Friday...

Sunday - Repeat Saturday...

It's possible that some shopping may occur, as you know we love to buy things and all the great sales are going on, but other than that I don't see us being very active at all.  Isn't it awesome!!

Thanksgiving, I love you!

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