Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seattle Shopping

Over the weekend Mike and I were in Seattle for his best friend's wedding.  As you know, wedding weekends are chock full of fun stuff to do with the happy couple, so Mike and I only had a few hours on Friday morning to walk around town and do what we do best -- SHOP!

When I think of great shopping destinations, Seattle doesn't usually come to mind, but the past two times we've visited, I have been overwhelmingly surprised by the cool independently owned boutiques that are popping up all over town.

The three stores that stand out in my mind so far are, Ketch in Ballard, Butch Blum in downtown Seattle, and of course the Flagship Nordstrom, also in downtown Seattle.

I'll start with Ketch.  Definite cool vibe in this boutique. Brands like Rebecca Taylor, Joie, and WHIT are what attracted me to the store.  They also carry Michael Stars tees and jean names like Seven, James, and J Brand.  Also awesome jewelry. A lot of hammered gold and silver earrings and necklaces, which I'm really into right now.

With a completely opposite vibe there's Butch Blum.  This place feels more like Barneys with adorable Delman ballet flats, amazing dresses and tops by Jean Paul Gaultier and Moschino, and the most fantastic Blumarine coats.  They also have a pretty stellar men's selection with Zegna and Armani suits and ready to wear apparel.

Last but certainly not least, the Flagship Nordstrom.  What an amazing store.  Elegant and inviting, bright and warm.  The sales people are friendly but not pushy, and make you want to buy whatever they're selling.  They also carry Chanel, which most other Nordstrom's don't.  This gave them many bonus points!

Overall, a great and super fun shopping experience in Seattle.  I'm still deciding whether to buy this Blumarine coat with a chinchilla fur collar from Butch Blum.  It's 50% off, and I save tax when having it shipped -- cha ching!


  1. Hey - so glad you liked Ketch - what did you think of the design of the store?

  2. Hi Laura! Loved the design! The mirrors and the racks along the sides and the large table in the middle of the elongated room made the most of the space. Also loved the large fitting rooms in the back. I would def go back!