Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I recently fell in love with Valentino's Spring Collection 2011.  The clothes are feminine and playful, yet still sophisticated and elegant.  There are a lot of earthy tones like camel and celadon, and there's a lot of lace, which I love!

Not to mention that I am completely obsessed with the Rockstud line of bags.  They are amazing.  I tried on the smaller one in black and it made me swoon.  I have to admit though, that I was not and am still not a fan of the Rockstud t-strap that everyone was wearing at the fashion shows.  See below.
There's just too much going on here
But the Rockstud bag collection is a thing of beauty!  Here's the one I got my eye on:
I love the stud details and the clasp. Comes in black too!

Well, my 31st birthday is only 5 months away!  I'll keep my fingers crossed...

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