Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Thursday and I Need a Drink!

When the ball dropped and 2011 arrived, Mike and I made a resolution to detoxify our bodies for one month.  This detox entailed avoiding all dairy, alcohol, refined sugar, and caffeine.

Needless to say, we lasted about one week.  What we've done instead is try to stay away from alcohol and refined sugar (notice how we dropped the caffeine and dairy) throughout the week.  And, the weekends are fair game and we can eat and drink whatever we want.

My question is, does Thursday count as the weekend?  Please say yes.  Here's why: I don't ever feel like I need to have a drink on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or even Sunday, but when Thursday rolls around I need a big ole glass of wine.

Maybe it's because the week is almost over and I'm exhausted from work.  Maybe it's because the tolerance for my job and all the stress involved comes crashing down towards week's end.  Hell, maybe I'm just programmed this way.  Whatever it is, it's Thursday and I need wine. Period.

The only question now is, red or white?

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