Friday, October 7, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

I would like you all to take a good look at this picture:
This is my father pretending to be choked by my husband who is tying his crab bib around his neck while we were out to dinner.

Pretty funny huh?  I guess I'm just thinking about having a child, and because I feel so strongly that this child is going to be a boy, I'm thinking about the most important men in my life and how this child will have personality and character traits that come from them.

It's really fascinating to think about!  I hope he has my father's sense of humor and quick wit.  I hope he has Mike's passion for learning and meticulous manner.  I also hope he is caring, kind, and selfless as both of these men have been to me throughout my life.

I love you guys!  Now let's hope I'm right about the gender...

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