Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Annoying Are: Slow Internet Connections

Remember when we all had AOL and we had to "dial up" to get onto the Internet and it took FOREVER?  Well, we have come a long way my friends!  Today, connecting to the Internet is quick and easy...

Unless of course, it's not...For example, I can't stand how long it takes for my parent's computer to connect to the web, and they are supposed to have a "high speed" package...the waiting makes me CRAZY!  And on certain days at work when my Safari or Internet Explorer is being finicky IT DRIVES ME MAD!!!

Take yesterday for example.  I literally could not get any work done for about an hour because my Internet connection was so slow and I just kept logging off and logging on again, hoping that something would change.  I'm sure there is something else I could have done, but I am not an IT expert and I just needed to send a few emails out!!

Have we become too dependant on the web?  I wouldn't even be writing this right now if my Internet was down...

Something to ponder I suppose...ok just got a bunch of emails I have to respond to...I hope my internet doesn't crash.

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