Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Another Reason...

to want to move back to NYC!  My favorite Thai restuarant in Portland, Oregon called Pok Pok which I posted about here is opening up two restaurants in NYC within the next few months.

One is on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 137 Rivington Street and will be called Pok Pok Wing.  The other, called Pok Pok NY, will open in Brooklyn near Cobble Hill at 127 Columbia Street.

I'm so jealous!  I will definitely have to try them both next time I'm home.  You should try check them out as well.  The noodle soups are to die for and the pork belly was super yummy!

Below are some pictures from Pok Pok Portland...

Have a great weekend everyone!

God Luck Cat! Waiting for a table...

I was very excited to eat!

Pork Lemongrass Tumeric Meatballs

Kao Soi Kai Soup - SO GOOD!

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