Monday, July 20, 2009


Ever wonder why photos of residents of Washington D.C. are never featured on The Sartorialist? Well for one thing, there is definitely a lack of stylish people here, but I really think it's because too many people in DC dress exactly the same. They follow the trends - - all of them. Good, bad, and really bad. Don't get me wrong, there are people here that have great style, but there aren't enough people that have perspective when it comes to their personal style. So what happens? You get the trendy clone effect.

For example, take the Gladiator Sandal trend that's pretty hot right now. I see women wearing them all over the place. These fugly, overly strapped, sometimes spiked or studded, monstrosities that look like they should be sported by Kirk Douglas in Spartacus, are EVERYWHERE!

I saw a gaggle of college girls, who all attend Georgetown no doubt, wearing the g-sandals, and dressed exactly the same. All cookie cutter images of each other. Doesn't anyone here have a sense of style of their own? Must everyone look alike because the Olsen twins or Lauren Conrad endorsed something by wearing it?

Well, lemme tell ya that you won't see me rockin the g-sandals mostly because their ugly as sin, but also because they'll be "so last season" in the blink of an eye. Plus, I have perspective.

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  1. They also exist for men - and should be banned!

    ...not that anyone should take advice from me...