Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Lady In Black

For those of you who live in DC around Dupont or Logan Circle, you may have noticed a woman dressed in all black that is ALWAYS on the steps of the Cathedral of St. Matthew. When I first saw her, I thought she was homeless because she sat on the steps all day long and had set up a tent for herself in front of the church entrance. However, throughout the many months that I've now lived here and seen her, I've changed my mind about her being homeless.

I have seen her on those steps in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall months. Through snow and blistering heat. Always in a black top and a long black skirt. She is actually quite lovely facially. She must be in her 60's and she has pretty long silver hair that she usually wears in a low bun.

I have seen her speak to priests and to parishioners, and even to tourists. She seems very friendly. I often wonder if she chooses to hang out on the steps of the church because it brings her some kind of solace, or if she is protesting the Catholic Church in her own way.

Who is this woman in black? I longed to know...

Then it happened. Mike was in Brooks Brothers having yet another blazer tailored, and I was sitting in the car on the side of the Cathedral waiting. I saw the woman in black approaching the car. I thought she was going to tell me to move, or just walk right past, but instead she looked in the window and smiled and motioned to me as if saying "nice ride lady." Awestruck, I smiled back and nodded in appreciation.

We had our moment, and if that's all I get I'm fine with that. I'm now also fine with not knowing who she is or why she sits on those steps everyday, because when I see her there it brings me comfort. Knowing someone will always be where you expect them to be is sometimes nice. She is obviously happy and that makes me happy, and I will say hello to her the next time I walk by.

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