Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gripe of the Day: If Your Gym Clothes Smell Like Cheese Wash Them!

If you are a gym member, at any gym you have experienced the random cheese whif...it's that whif of stanky cheese coming from another person working out nearby. Now I can understand if someone has been working out hard on the treadmill, or elliptical and is sweaty and a bit stinky, but the stench I'm talking about here is another story all together.

This is the stench that comes from someone who hasn't washed their gym clothes after wearing them several times. I have to be honest and say that normally this cheese-y smell emanates from a man. Usually one that is a bit overweight and that looks like he would smell if exerting a little bit of energy.

Well my friends, today was a different story. I was enjoying my workout on the elliptical at my local gym of choice, Vida Fitness, which hosts a majority of members who are good looking, buff gay males, when a nice looking gay male, who was very fit mounts the elliptical next to mine. It took only seconds for me to catch the whif...that nasty whif of cheese. The smell that could only come from stanky, moldy, gym shorts that had been festering in a hot locker for one too many days.

So there it was. The smell. And I had to get off my elliptical because I couldn't take it. And that's not fair. Why should I have to move off of my elliptical because you smell and don't wash your gym clothes regularly? You, King of Cheese, should have to leave the gym, and sign an agreement to wash your shorts!

Yuck. A bit of advice for those of you who think you can go between visits to the gym without washing your clothes: Don't Do It! Or the next stinky post could be about you...

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  1. hahaha amen to this entry...definitely forwarded it to some friends at work!